Saturday, 8 February 2014

Its Been a While

My delightful daughter asked me how to create a blog today, while we were driving down to my Uncles Birthday party. She has decided that she wants to share her thoughts with the world. Dangerous thought for that kind of info ( being her head is filled with teenybopper stuff ) but I decided to set her up and shes now entering the world of bloggery. 

I haven't written myself for a while, you know life, it always seems to get in the way of the best laid plans. But her new enthusiasm has triggered my interest again and made me realise just how much I actually enjoy and miss writing on here. 

So here goes. 
Last time I put finger to keyboard I was running through the line of awesome animals who have come through our lives, Some have come and gone, some some are still with us. 
Instead of getting too deep into the life and times of the house hold fur babies. Ill sum up as best I can. 
I left off with quite a menagerie of animals calling our family home. 
In recent years this has changed slightly. Transzam as stated in her own special Blog entry left us. And Harmony, our little weird white tortoiseshell also took ill last year ( cancer) and passed away. 
Before both left us though we had a new addition Shayde join the family. I think I have mentioned her before. She is now the sole survivor and we are all convinced she is satans cat and as been given to us solely for the purpose of reeking havoc. ( but that in its self is another story for another day).
We also Had my Princess join the family Miloh, She is a cockerspaniel, and my hearts joy. She is my third child. She joined us not long after Keltic passed away as a puppy and now is a very close friend with Cleo the Jack Russel. So from a menagerie we are down to two dogs and 1 cat, and for now, its nice this way. 
I love animals and both C  and I both stop near the windows at the pet stores were the  pups and kittens play , our minds contemplating " hey whats one more to add to the family" but foe now sensibility holds and we are not accepting additions. 
That doesnt mean though if a lost soul wandered up to the door we would not accept it in with open arms, We are after all animal lovers and the owners of the local animal arc, 

Anyway, Today after a yummy avo tea with birthday celebrations for my uncle , We headed home . My darling girl C, was as always a mouthful of chatter, about the usual teenager stuff. Who likes who, who doesn't like who and who think that they like this person when really they don't because they like this person, 
She is very articulate I think for a teenager, and i only caught the odd. " its like Umm you know" 
Year nine is a year of discovery for teenagers. Its a time when they turn from gawky kids into the terrifying teenage girl, we are well into the Oh Id die for him when referring to music icons, and walls plastered with posters. Make up and hair products adorn the dresser now and it seems leaving to go somewhere now seems to take a lot longer than it did last year. 
She has kept her compassion though , and her pure soul, which is something I'm glad to see. I ve always considered her as a innocent , a child who when she was young couldn't see and understand why some people did such cruel things to each other. 
I remember a conversation we had when she was probably around 6 and I was explaining with in her ear shot, that one of my work mates had had a particularly bad day and had left the office in a bad mood. C looked at me and signed, then went on to say," maybe she just needed someone to give her a hug, then she would have known she was loved" 
from the mouths of babes-sometimes the simplest remedies are derived. 

She still holds that inner calmness and simplicity although it has jaded slightly with the harshness of high school. She has learnt that you cant always expect people to do the right thing or behave the right way and in life you will be disappointed, 
Its something that has taken a toll on her optimism and every now a then i hear it in her words. 
Its sad that we bring these little darlings into world where if they are too " good" then they are disadvantaged. 
And they get taken advantage of.  

I suppose as parents its our job to keep the balance, teach them morals and right from wrong but also teach them to stand up for what they believe in and to not believe everything that they see or hear . And yes there are some frootloops out there who wan no more than to hurt you cause you pain. 
Its our job I suppose to help them see these pitfalls and guide them through. 
I'm heading into a new phase of life now with K now graduated and out of school and C in the high school years, Life is different, and although I'm their mum now a guidance councilor too, 
Its rewarding and so enjoyable to watch them mature and grow . But I will admit, I also feel a niggle of sadness, as It dawns on me ... 
My babies are not babies anymore..


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  1. Time moves on sadly, I wish we could keep our children's innocence too. I hope C enjoys blogging.