Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Special post for Tranzam

I haven't posted in a while, life's little trials and endevours have distracted me. But today , sitting in my hotel room in Canberra, im now feeling like putting words to my thoughts.this has been a tough few days. I've spoken of the great Tranzam in earlier posts. She is my old tabby cat that has been with me since k was a youngen. The winter had hit her hard this year and unfortunately she Wasn't strong enough to fight anymore. She passed away in her sleep last night. I hated to leave her, as I knew in my heart she was only just holding on. But this entry is not to morn her loss but to celebrate her life. She was one in a million. She was quirky and aloof, we were her owners, but she defenitely owned us. She was independent , strong and the boss of all furred inhabitants in our house. As a kitten she was natures menace and although I tried to stop her on numerous accounts I have lost count to how many times she displayed her kills on my doorstep.she was a mother twice to two sets of kittens. Showing a softer side, a gentler side. She mellowed in her old age. Slowing with age but never in attitude. Tranzam was a special lady who brought a lot of love and joy to those who she chose to be her family. The house will be missing something without her. So here's to the cat that walked in the door on a hot summered knight. Who decided that she would call us home. Who chased our feet, owned the couch , and demanded to be fed by moving the bowl with her foot continuously untill her demand was met. May there be loads of field mice to chase, hot fires to warm that fat belly , and so much milk and honnied ham that you can stand.RIP Tranzam . You've earnt it.

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  1. I missed this post - beautifully written as always.